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Hair & Scalp Check

Not sure how to deal with dry, irritated scalp? Concerned with thinning hair? Need to revive fragile strands? The best solutions start with the Hair & Scalp Check, a free in-store service that offers real insight, and personalized advice for getting your hair & scalp into the healthiest condition.

What to expect

Step 1: Consultation

Step 1: Consultation

One of our haircare experts will walk you through a personalized consultation and ask you some simple questions to understand your current hair care routine and any concerns you have.

Step 2: Moisture & Strength Test

Step 2: Moisture & strength test

We'll analyze your hair by doing two quick, simple tests. The first is a porosity test to see how well your hair holds moisture. The second is looking at elasticity, which tells us if your hair is damaged. 

Step 3: Scalp analysis

Step 3: Scalp analysis

We'll then use our scalp camera (which magnifies the scalp by 600%!) to look at three things: overall scalp health, hair density, and pores. This gives us an in-depth view of your hair and scalp health and provides an analysis of the results, which will show any scalp imbalance. 

Step 4: Stress-relieving neck & shoulder massage

Step 4: Stress-relieving neck & shoulder massage

After this, we'll ask you to relax for a stress-relieving head & shoulder massage; where you'll get to choose your favorite aroma as part of the experience. 

Step 5: Personalized advice

Step 5: Personalized advice

After we review the results, we will help you find the best products for your hair and scalp needs.

Hair & Scalp Check demo

Watch our video to discover more about the Hair & Scalp Check process.

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