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During the winter months, we give our dry skin the extra hydration it needs but it’s easy to forget about hydrating our hair. The winter weather can create dry and frizzy hair, but the right hair care routine can provide all the moisture it needs. We’re sharing our go-to regimen for intense hydration and nourishment from washing to styling, along with the must-have products you’ll need.



Shower power


Exposure to colder winter temperatures and indoor heating can dry out your hair. To restore hydration, we recommend switching to a winter wash routine. Our vegan nutriplenish collection is just what you need to start hydrating hair right in the shower.


This 94% naturally derived* line is packed with nutrient-dense pomegranate oil, mango butter and coconut oil. These superfoods help deliver nutrient-powered hydration. Our nutriplenish™ line is also formulated for all hair types and textures, so everyone can enjoy lush, hydrated hair.


The collection includes light and deep moisture formulas, for the nutrient-powered hydration you hair needs. You can discover which one is best suited for you here. All of our nutriplenish products are cruelty free and formulated without silicones, sulfate cleansers, gluten or mineral oil. This means you can feel good about using them on your hair.




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Begin with your preferred nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner. First cleanse hair with the shampoo and then use the conditioner. The powerful vegan superfood blend replenishes dry and depleted hair.


After showering, lightly mist the nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends on fine to medium hair, and saturate from roots to ends on thick and highly textured hair. This lightweight spray helps hydrate hair for up to 72 hours, while protecting from heat styling up to 450 degrees. It’s also perfect to help moisturize dry hair in between shampoos.


Lastly, seal in moisture with our 100% naturally derived* nutriplenish multi-use hair oil. Crafted with 5 power oils (avocado, jojoba, mango, pomegranate and coconut) our ultimate multi-tasker offers deep hair hydration and shine. Squeeze oil into hand and apply it evenly to hair. We also love to use it as a hair mask for an overnight hair oil treatment. For this application, gently work into dry hair from roots to tips. Shampoo the next morning to wash it out.




After applying nutriplenish™ multi-use hair oil, it’s time to begin our winter styling regimen. If you’re specifically looking to heat style your hair, reach for smooth infusion™ style-prep smoother. Work a small amount of product into hands and apply evenly onto damp hair. Then heat style as you normally do.


If you’re looking to air dry or blow dry your hair, choose smooth infusion™ nourishing styling creme. Apply thoroughly and evenly to towel-dried hair to ensure curls, loose waves or straight hair stay smooth all day.



Discover more about our essential tools to reduce frizz


To help nourish and reduce frizz in hair during the colder months, our vegan smooth infusion style-prep smoother and smooth infusion nourishing styling creme, are the ones you need.


Keep your hair hydrated and reduce frizz all season long with our tried-and-true winter hair care routines.

An Aveda best seller, the 92% naturally derived* smooth infusion style-prep smoother is a hair serum that preps hair for styling by creating a long-lasting, smooth surface on hair. It’s an ideal pre-styling treatment that helps reduce frizz to make styling easier. We formulated it with a plant blend derived from organic aloe, maize and guar bean. It also helps protect hair against heat styling.


Our smooth infusion nourishing styling creme offers the all-day frizz control you need. It also nourishes hair with emollient-rich plant butters, certified organic cupuaçu and shea. This product is our other styling go-to in winter because it helps keep frizz at bay while sealing in moisture. Works for blow dry and air dry styles.




Keep your hair hydrated and reduce frizz all season long with our tried-and-true winter hair care routines.







*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.