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How to instantly

strengthen damaged

hair every day


Discover our botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment

When it comes to damaged hair, a powerful leave-in conditioner can go a long way for your hair health. The perfect, no-rinse pick-me-up can instantly turn brittle and broken locks into lush, visibly healthier hair. Whether you’re looking for a daily boost of hair repair or seeking a pre-styling protector, our botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment makes wash day the best day to give your straight hair, waves, curls or coils the instant strengthening and repair it craves.



Instant results, one easy step


Repairing damaged hair doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Meet our simple key for unlocking smoother, softer strands. Formulated for your wash day routine, our 100% vegan botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment works with our botanical repair strengthening shampoo and conditioner to instantly strengthen and repair hair after cleansing and conditioning.


For days when you feel your hair needs an extra boost of conditioning, use our botanical repair intensive strengthening masque light or rich in place of the conditioner. Once your shower routine is complete, apply this sumptuous cream to damp hair from roots to ends and see the transformative powers of our 3-layer hair repair technology.



How does 3-layer hair repair work?


From vigorously brushing through tangles to crafting styles with hot tools, your hair can take on several types of damaging forces throughout the day. That’s why building a daily hair care routine that repairs existing damage, prevents breakage and protects from future damage is essential for effective hair repair.


Our 99% naturally derived1 botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment is designed to do just that for every kind of wash day ritual. Featuring potent plant-based ingredients, our formula is designed to target the three layers of your hair—the cortex, cuticle and F-layer—for repair that works from the inside out.




A plant-derived, bond-building molecule goes below the surface to create new bonds—strengthening and reinforcing your hair’s integrity at the core.




A nourishing macro green blend of certified organic avocado, green tea and sacha inchi seed oils smooths the cuticle to detangle and help prevent breakage.




Our plant-derived complex creates a botanical F-layer to help protect and shield your hair from future damage while conditioning and locking in shine.


The result? Stronger, shinier, visibly healthier hair from within.



Building a strengthening routine


Here are three ways you can incorporate our plant-derived, no-rinse formula into your routine:




Forcibly combing through stubborn knots can break and split hair. To instantly detangle strands and help prevent breakage from brushing, run the botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment evenly through towel-dried hair, from roots to ends.




Beyond repairing existing damage and preventing future breakage, our plant-powered formula protects your hair from heat up to 450° and safeguards against damage from blow-drying. Comb it through damp hair to lock in must-have protection.




Reduce frizz and keep flyaways in check by smoothing this sumptuous, creamy, leave-in treatment into damp hair.



What's all the botanical repair buzz?


Beloved for its instant results and plant-derived strengthening, our botanical repair collection—featuring our rich, no-rinse formula—was announced as a Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence Award Winner for 2021.2


“It is commonly accepted that the key to healthy hair is a strong core and plenty of hydration—but what can you do when yours is damaged and tired? This range is the answer, harnessing the power of botanicals to repair and strengthen the core of each strand while smoothing the cuticle to leave hair soft, silky, and detangled,” wrote Katie Thomas, Marie Claire.


Free from silicones, parabens, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances, our vegan botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment doesn’t just talk-the-talk, it instantly transforms all hair types and textures from 1A to 4C—from roots to ends. After using our leave-in treatment, 91% of women said hair instantly felt less damaged and 94% of women said hair instantly felt softer and smoother.3


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Instantly softer, shinier hair is one step away
with the botanical repair strengthening
leave-in treatment









1From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water, using ISO standard.

2Marie Claire UK Prix D’Excellence Awards 2021: The Winners

3Consumer testing on 123 women after using the product once.