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Our incredibly talented Aveda Artists represent the heart and soul of Aveda. Not only are they masters of their craft, they embody our respect for the planet and align with our mission to care for the Earth. During Earth Month, we’re celebrating our community of artists for their commitment to sustainability and passion for hair care. We’re also sharing how you can support and care for those who care for you all year round.



A force of good


Aveda Artists live and breathe our mission of caring for the Earth. They understand the importance of 100% vegan hair care and reducing our collective footprint in order to protect the planet.




By becoming an Aveda Artist, each individual stylist takes on the responsibility to care for people and animals alike with cruelty free formulas. Aveda Artists support our commitment to people-tested formulas and make sure you, their guest, can feel good about the products they use. This community also cares about providing you with products that perform AND are vegan. Everything Aveda creates is 100% vegan, now and forever, so neither our artists nor our guests have to compromise.




Our responsible sourcing practices ensure that we help protect the Earth’s wealth of resources, while creating vegan hair products. Every day Aveda Artists honour this commitment to the environment by using formulas created with thoughtfully harvested ingredients. Plant-based formulations matter to them. Our artists believe that through responsible sourcing and the precision of science, we are able to understand the magnificent power of botanicals.



A force of artistry


From trending haircuts, to hydrated curls and dazzling color, Aveda Artists are true hair masters. We are forever grateful for their dedication to the craft and the passion they bring forth. Their knowledge of all hair types and textures informs every vegan product recommendation. In need of a hair treatment? They know just the right one, whether it’s botanical repair intensive strengthening masque in light or rich to repair hair damage or nutriplenish leave-in conditioner to replenish dry hair. Our colorists act as masters of the rainbow, picking the ideal hue to complement your complexion. The energetic spirit of our artists inspires us daily, and we’re proud of their contributions.



How you can support our artists


During Earth Month and beyond, our Aveda Artists are there for every hair and beauty moment, whether it’s the perfect hairstyle for a big day, a brand new look or simple trim. Let’s come together and return the care and love they extend to us all year.


Here’s how you can support Aveda Artists:


1) Book an appointment at your local Aveda salon, while adhering to the guidance of local governments and the Center for Disease Control. Find a salon near you here.


2) Support your favorite Aveda salon by shopping online: purchase hair products from your salon’s site and select curbside pick-up if available.


3) Buy gift cards to your salon for future appointments to show that you’re invested in their success.


4) Shower your salon and artists with love on social: leave them positive reviews on Facebook and Google, and join their social community to virtually show you care.





Join us in supporting our vibrant community of
Aveda Artists during Earth Month and beyond.