This fall, in the US and Italy, Aveda Artists celebrated their craft and creativity in spectacular fashion.

First up, Aveda Mid-America 2016 in North America brought together more than 1,500 Aveda Artists for a full day of artistic inspiration. And just a week later in Milan, Italy, nearly 1,200 Aveda Artists came together for Aveda Master Jam Europe 2016.

We’re thrilled to bring you some of the highlights and today we showcase the dazzling Aveda Mid-America 2016:


Van Michael Salon Team



Starting off the Mid-America 2016 show with a bang—literally from an onstage marching band— the Van Michael Salon team presented striking cuts in varying lengths with fringes, exquisite details, vibrant red hues and some serious sheen. The fashion-forward styles were alluringly innovative and still perfect for an everyday style. 


A model backstage with her gorgeously cool cut by the Van Michael Salon team.


Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Diretor, Textured Hair 


Tippi’s textured hair-cutting presentation.


As one of the most sought-after celebrity hair stylist for textured hair, Tippi wowed the crowd with her technical skills in cutting textured hair. Models with Tippi’s textured haircuts walked the runway (seen above and below), which was followed up with Tippi’s secret styling tips that she uses on her celebrity clientele.


A close-up look at one of Tippi’s beautiful textured haircuts.


Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting


Ricardo’s minimalist cuts, inspired by 1960’s art.


Always precise and cool, Ricardo showed off his technical expertise and artistry through superb cuts. Featuring sculptural haircuts inspired by 1960’s minimalist sculptural art, the cuts were clean with sharp lines and exquisite details. “To truly appreciate a beautiful hair cut, you have to walk around it, just like a sculpture,” Ricardo says.


A sculptural cut by Ricardo.


Aveda Guest Artist Dusty Rhode


One of the cool-boy looks by Dusty, all encompassing of skill with a modern edge.


Men’s cutting and styles took center stage when Aveda Guest Artist Dusty Rhode presented various looks sharing technical cutting skills for men with varying texture and length. Once cut and styled, these men walked the runway, owning the stage and the crowd.


Aveda Guest Artists Lupe Voss and Geno Chapman 


Color by Lupe; Styling by Geno with help from Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Styling


Aveda Guest Artists Lupe Voss and Geno Chapman teamed up to showcase superb color and styles. “Both Geno and I work behind the chair daily so for the show we took what we do at the salon and amped it up to the next level to present editorial looks that are still accessible and beautiful,” Lupe said.


Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color


Backstage look at Eclipting™ Hair Color technique.


Always exuberant with a passion for color, Ian shared his exclusive new technique Eclipting™ Hair Color highlighting two different looks achieved by the same technique— one classic and one edgy.


A fiercely bedazzled model displays one of Ian’s powerful Aveda hair color.


For a second segment, Ian had models with vibrantly hued ponytails encased in ornate sequins for an editorially focused vision that showcased the power of Aveda color.


Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup


Sneak peeks from backstage of Janell’s first two makeup presentations.



When it came to makeup, Janell owned the stage by presenting three stunning segments. The first featured the new deeper hued shades of the Inner Light™ Mineral Dual Foundation (launching November 2016). The second look spoke to the upcoming limited edition Spring/Summer 2017 collection Solstice Bloom encompassing a palette of soft colors with moments of hues designed to gently pop on one’s lips or lids.


Janell’s third segment featured her personal collection, “Gold Noir”  (seen as this story’s lead image) starring stunning smoky eyes, luminescent skin and intense lips— version of the Eclipting™ hair color technique, but designed with Aveda makeup for the lip.


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