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You adjust your wardrobe, skin care and beauty regimen to adapt to the summer months—your hair should follow suit. Seasonal factors such as rising temperatures, high humidity and intense UV rays can alter hair, sometimes resulting in strands that look and feel dry, frazzled or limp. From products that help to protect hair from the drying effects of the sun to our go-tos for enhancing curls and reducing frizzy hair, here are our essentials for summer hair care.



For summer hair styling


Excessive heat and humidity can put a damper on your summer hair goals. But you can rely on dedicated styling essentials to define coils, give curls an extra boost and infuse hair with workable texture all season long.


• Give summertime curls the attention they deserve with our award-winning be curly curl enhancer. Formulated with wheat protein and organic aloe, this styling essential helps hair expand when it’s wet and retract when it’s dry to intensify your natural curl or wave.


• Create weightless body and volume with phomollient styling foam. Featuring air-infused technology, this styling essential transforms a liquid into a foam without hydrocarbon propellants.


• Enhance your hair’s natural texture and promote flexible hold with our best-selling texture tonic. Crafted with cane sugar, salt and babassu, this Aveda favorite is a must for achieving an effortlessly “undone” look while keeping hair touchable and shiny.



For protection against the drying effects of UV rays


Whether you have color-treated hair, natural hair, stick-straight strands or wavy curls, applying dedicated UV filters can help in shielding hair from the drying effects of the sun.


Nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and nutriplenish daily moisturizing treatment are our ultimate tools for shielding hair from the sun. Featuring no-rinse formulas, both 100% vegan products use sand ginger, a plant-derived sun filter, to reflect sunlight right off of hair. This assists in diminishing the drying effects of the sun, leaving hair protected for long, sun-soaked days.



To tame frizz and flyaways


A day spent on the sand can leave hair looking more frizzy than beachy, and washing can sometimes exacerbate the problem. That’s why we look to products that offer dedicated smoothing and softening benefits to fight frizz and tame flyaways with each and every wash.


• Our smooth infusion collection creates a smooth new surface on hair to reduce the look of frizz, flyaways and unwanted waves. It features an exclusive plant infusion blend derived from certified organic aloe, maize and guar bean to promote more manageable hair—perfect for when the humidity spikes.



To hydrate dry hair


In the summertime, hair is susceptible to drying environmental factors such as strong UV rays, exposure to harsh chlorine or salt water and extreme heat. If your hair feels rough to the touch and lacks shine and softness, it may need dedicated hydration.


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Nutriplenish multi-use hair oil is our go-to hydration product in the summertime, infusing strands with nutrient-dense moisture via a concentrated blend of five power oils. Use it post-styling to lock in shine or as an overnight treatment to restore hair hydration.



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